Ability to access the Cleared Swaps dealing network through one single set of Spectra Rates documents. Take advantage of our currency and product trading expertise and relationships. For enhanced price discovery and trade expression amongst the network of most relevant market makers. To help you identify, develop and execute your trade expression in the most effective way.

Building upon Spectra FX’s experience as the pioneer in the FX Agency market over a decade ago. Spectra Rates offers complete, anonymous, market wide access to cleared swaps market under a newly formulated process and counterparty credit model. With all trades clearing through the London Clearing House (LCH).


At Spectra Rates we aim to provide our clients with complete, anonymous, market wide access to cleared rates pricing through our comprehensive bank liquidity network, with trades clearing through a prime broker counterparty.

We have secured strong, deep relationships with the banking community, continually sourcing their respective product strengths as well as being mindful of their positioning bias on a real time basis for efficient and minimal impact price discovery.

Our clients shall receive excellent pricing in cleared vanilla rates (not currently option products).

For less price-transparent or infrequently traded products, currencies or curve tenors, our contribution to your price discovery pricing can be even more significant.


With our extensive experience in the swaps markets and our natural insight to FX and Macro related themes and flows, Spectra is an invaluable resource to our clients, beyond just pricing. For Client’s we can assist in your trading as an outsourced execution desk, and for Liquidity Providers we act as a filter End User and perform booking and confirmation

Whether it’s devising a hedging strategy for a large equity based asset manager, advising a family office on the most risk efficient expression of a directional trade, or providing a full liquidity gateway for a small hedge fund, we look to partner with our clients in any way that we can to help them navigate the Rates Derivatives markets.

We do not take any proprietary risk; our unrelenting focus is helping clients maximize performance.



Spectra FX Solutions is an independent, boutique execution and advisory facility specializing in foreign exchange options for asset managers, family offices, hedge funds, regional banks and proprietary desks. Launched in 2007 as Louis Capital FX, the company changed its name to Spectra FX Solutions to reflect the changing landscape in the foreign exchange markets and the resultant solution oriented shift in the company’s business focus. In 2017, Spectra FX Solutions, launches Spectra Rates to build upon its FX success and serve it’s client’s in the Cleared Interest Rates Products. The company has offices in New York and London.

Spectra FX Solutions LLC is registered as an Introducing Broker and Swap Firm with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. Spectra FX Solutions LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) in respect of conduct of investment business within the United Kingdom.



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